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Doraemon The Games Free Download - Doraemon is a robot cat that was made on September 3, 2112. Mass production of various types of robots occurred in the 22 century. In a factory off-far from Tokyo, robots manufactured cat.

Due to an accident, not a screw Doraemon robotic cat than others and become second-class goods. During the production process, an error occurs on one of the robot

Doraemon is not so good though within his study, is then sent to the Robot Robot Academy to be trained as a household robot. He can also pass in the end.

However, morbidly everything goes smoothly for Doraemon. doraemon failed in all the exams. And became caretakers of offspring Nobita.

As a result, doraemon auctioned off to a poor family who were in debt, which is nothing but a family descendant Nobita Nobi.
Doraemon Games

He came out of Nobita's desk drawer, and since then he lived with Nobita One day, while being engrossed doaremon nap, a robot rat bite both ears. This tragedy makes doraemon very sad & cried for 10 days.

Doraemon cry .... and cry ... The tears made ​​the original a bright yellow color to fade ...

Remove the color of her eyes water ... doraemon turned into what we know today: "a blue robot cat without ears".

The History of Doraemon

Doraemon Games
In December 1969, the Doraemon manga titles published continuously in six children's monthly magazine. Magazines are magazines Yoiko (good boy), Yōchien (Newbie), Shogaku Ichinensei (grade 1), Shogaku Yonnensei (4th grade), and since 1973 the magazine Shogaku Gogensei (grade 5) and Shogaku Rokunensei (6th grade). Stories contained in these magazines is different, the which means the author of this story should be written more than 6 stories each month. In 1979, CoroCoro Comic magazine was launched as Doraemon.

Since it first Appeared in 1969, Doraemon stories have been collected and Divided into 45 books, published from 1974 to 1996, and has sold over 80 million books in 1992. In Addition, in 2005, Shogakukan published an additional serial number 5 volumes under the title Doraemon + (Doraemon Plus), with 45 different stories from the original volume.

The Story Of Doraemon

Doraemon's early life is not so good. He is a robot fails in an auction to a poor family who were in debt, that no other family descendants Nobita Nobi. Doraemon had a heavy period: It was only a baby-sitter after failing to pass the exam at the academy robot, the robot ear was destroyed after being bitten by rats, the paint wear off because of him alone, and many a sad story that he went through in the first year of his birth. Until one day, he sent his family back to the past, about 250 years ago, a time when Nobita Nobi, the ancestor of this family, still living in Tokyo.

Doraemon's mission is to help Nobi Nobita (great-grandfather of Sewashi who have Doraemon). Nobita is a boy who always had the misfortune, and do not have any ability. He is a fool in school and can not exercise, Nobita only talented in the shootout, play a rubber, and sleep; ability almost useless in the modern era of Japan. This is the reason why he failed to live her life. And Doraemon was sent from the future to make a man successful. Very ironic, a robot fails to come to help a child who is failing. But in fact, the friendship these two kids make them become a better person.

Doraemon arrived in 1969, the Japanese New Year's Day. He came out of Nobita's desk drawer, and since then he lived with Nobita, his mission is to prevent Nobita become a failure. In trouble every time Nobita, Doraemon will be helping with magic tools.

Doraemon's mission seems to have worked, because when they venture into the future, Nobita saw himself married to Shizuka, not by Jaiko. He also saw his descendants live in better condition than when Sewashi send the first Doraemon: Nobi offspring even able to buy a robot that "no fail", Dorami.

Told in the manga and anime, Doraemon and Nobita work together to improve their lives. They cooperate with each other and mutual assistance. There are also many stories that show the story of courage and determination to maintain their friendship that they intertwine.

Doraemon N64 Games

Doraemon was sent back to life by the great-grandson Nobita Nobita, Sewashi, Nobita order to improve the lives of their offspring a better life experience. In real life (without the help of Doraemon), Nobita failed in his studies, failed in his career, and left his family with financial problems.

The story focused on Nobita everyday life, the main character. Doraemon has a four-dimensional pocket which he filled with objects from the future. Often Nobita come whining because of problems at school or in the neighborhood, after begging or forced, Doraemon will issue a tool that helps Nobita resolve the problem, get revenge, or just show off to friends.

However, Nobita usually goes too far, ignoring the advice or command Doraemon, and as a result fell into a deeper problem. Sometimes, Nobita's friends (usually Suneo or Giant) steal the device and ends in chaos due to incorrect use.

Doraemon The Games

Doraemon Game


Doraemon is a game nintendo 64 game can be played on PC by using an emulator, this is a themed adventure game, play this game for an entertainment and reminisce about childhood is something that is fun, you do not need an advanced pc specs to play the game this, almost every pc can play this game, packed with exciting 3-D animation. I included the download link is below along with the emulator. okay safely play and enjoy the games :)

Video Trailer Doreamon The Games N64 :

System Requirements :
CPU: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
GPU: DirectX 7 compatible video card
To Download This Games Visit Below :

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Enjoy The Games.

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